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Kuala Kangsar

Kuala Kangsar is one of the famous places in Perak. Kuala Kangsar and its surrounding areas are old settlement areas which have been occupied by people for centuries. There are many places that you have to visit such as Masjid Ubudiah , PavilionTower, Victoria Bridge, Royal Perak Palace, Oldest Rubber Tress, Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery and Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

Masjid Ubudiah
The stunning Ubudiah Mosque with its golden domes and minarets has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful mosques in the country.It is located at Bukit Chandan Recreational Park in the royal town of Kuala Kangsar. It was built during the reign of Sultan IdrisMursyidulAzam Shah I (1887-1916), the 28th Perak ruler.

Pavilion Tower
Built in 1930 under the reign of Sultan Iskandar Shah, this structure has occasionally been referred to as the "Pagoda of Malaysia". It was originally used as a recreational and entertainment venue for the wives of court officials and other important people,especially for ceremonies and special celebrations. Having undergone some renovation, it is now part of a public park.

Victoria Bridge
This train bridge is also known as Enggor Bridge as it is situated in Enggor, Kuala Kangsar. The bridge that spans Perak River was first built in 1897, completed and officially opened by Sultan IdrisMurshidulAzam Shah in 1900. The engineer who was responsible for this bridge was G.W.Fryer, divisional Engineer and C.R. Hanson

Royal Perak Museum

Previously known as Istana Kenangan, Istana Tepas and Istana Lembah. The Perak Royal Museum was built as a royal residence in 1926. It is an amazing architecture which was built without a single nail.  The museum rests majestically on Bukit Chandan, a hilly landscape also known as Changkat Negara. Its ‘Saracenic Moorish’ architectural facets create a spellbinding sight for onlookers and visitors to the place.

Oldest Rubber Tree
It is located near the Kuala Kangsar District Office and is the only surviving rubber tree out of nine that were originally planted.

Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery
Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery was built and conserved from the ancient castle called Istana Ulu or Istana Kota. It was built in the year 1898 and was completed on 1903.

Malay College Kuala Kangsar
The concept of having an exclusive Malay college for the children of Malay elites was first suggested by Sultan IdrisMurshidulA’zam Shah (1849-1916). With the help and encouragement from his three other counterparts, the Sultan of Pahang, the Sultan of Selangor and the Yang DipertuanBesar of Negeri Sembilan, this concept became a reality.

The Handicraft Development Corporation of Malaysia (Perak Branch) is the most comprehensive one stop centre for tourists looking for traditional handicrafts. The centre is responsible for speeding up the growth and development of the handicraft industry for the state. It located at The Handicraft Development Corporation (Perak Branch)is located at the 40th km of the Ipoh-Enggorroad,about 10 km or 15-minutes drive from Kuala Kangsar town. Kuala Kangsar is known for its gourd shaped earthenware jars called labu sayong. They are used to keep water cool. Some say water stored in these jars acquires healing powers. I bought one to take home.

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