Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Lantern Festival 2012, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a wonder-able country of multi-ethnic, multi-festival society with numerous cultures blended together. Every September in the Mid-Autumn, the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur comes to life with the spirits of the festive atmosphere. Among the famous & notable events, the Lantern Festival which is officially organized by the Ministry of Tourism also known to the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival is one of the renowned jubilation which is celebrated during the full moon of the Chinese calendar that indicates traditionally, the end of harvesting season. This festival with full of lives is normally held in the Central Market, Kuala Lumpur in the month of September featuring intricately designed lanterns with different themes & patterns.  On this remarkable day, the family members get together, pray & enjoy moonkcakes while children display their beautiful lantern designs which are elegantly created in different shapes and sizes.

The landmarks, malls and the public places are beautifully decorated with hundreds of specially designed lit lanterns that reflect breathtakingly and extraordinarily eye-catching spectacular scenic views. There are loads of entertainment & numerous varieties of other enjoyable activities such as traditional stage arts, mooncakes tasting, classical songs, acrobatic lion dances dances that sweeten the taste & the spirit of the festive atmosphere.On this joyous occasion, locals & tourists all over the world are wholeheartedly welcome to take part in the Annual Lantern Parade in which the different shapes and sizes of spectacularly colourful lanterns are carried by children, adults at Central Market to be an incredible part of the main function.

If you are a tourist and luckily happen to be travelling to Kuala Lumpur in the mid-autumn season, you simply can not miss this joyous occasion of Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival. You can take part in the Annual Lantern Parade and enjoy various other entertaining activities and competitions.

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